Sri Lanka’s architectural tradition has been influenced by its tropical nature, giving rise to an indoor-outdoor spatial culture. is a modern practitioner of this thinking, and provides consultancy, material, construction and solutions in landscape architecture, curating plantlife and sourcing high-quality landscape accessories.

Vertical gardens for urban landscapes and high-rises are one of’s specialties. uses new scientific discoveries and research on human-nature interactions. knowledge base on local plant species and their natural habitats gives us the ability to balance site conditions, climate, and design aesthetics.

Inspired by the tropical climatic conditions of Sri Lanka, looks to nurture a local gardening culture through programmes for students, gardeners, landscape architects and landscaping practitioners. By doing so, we believe that more people will have access to comfortable, healthy living spaces that are in sync with nature, even within urban settings.

  • Inspiring and creating a better human-nature connection throughout the world”
  • Providing landscape design consultancy that balances ecological, social and economical concerns.
  • Providing garden curating services that balance aesthetics and functionality.
  • Collecting and share updated knowledge on tropical plant life.
  • Providing a new platform for innovative products and services of gardeners, growers, craftsmen, artists, and manufacturers.
  • Providing a convenient platform to select products, services, and material in landscape architecture.
  • Engaging in unusual landscape design and built environment projects that aim to innovate and push the boundaries in re-establishing the human-nature connection.
  • Conducting researches on landscape architecture.
  • Encouraging a passion for gardening and creating urban gardens in society.

Living in the natural environment will provide us good mental and physical health. So the website is a complete platform for all Sri Lankan and overseas natural beauty lovers to get all the information regarding how they can implement their garden environment natural look. and the team undertook the house renovation and garden landscaping professionally and creatively. The results are good many years later

Really admire the friendly and professional service and collaborative approach in providing the best solution

About Us

  • Trees .lk is a Sri Lankan base landscape caring company and we are researching about a selection of plants species according to site condition with that knowledge we are consulting our client to do a better garden design and select the most suitable plants to their garden based on site condition, climatic condition, and architectural condition.

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